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Pet Gifts - Find the Perfect Gifts for
the Cat and Dog Lovers in Your Life

That special holdiay or event is upon you, and you need a gift now, but haven't a clue what to do. If your gift recipient is a companion to a cat, dog or other pet, you have struck gold! Since most people hold their cats, dogs and other pets to be bona fide family members, they appreciate attention given their pets. Pet gifts are a wonderful way to touch their hearts. These pet lover gift ideas will help you find the perfect gifts for the cat and dog lovers in your life.



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Pet Gift Ideas for the Frantic

Holiday time or that Birthday or other Special Event is upon you, and you are frantic to find the right gift for that special person or family member. Most people hold their cats, dogs and other pets to be bona fide family members, so pet gifts are a wonderful way to make that special someone on your list beam with a wide, appreciative smile. Gifting their beloved pet(s) with something special is a great way to touch your loved one’s passion for her or his favorite animal companion.

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in the United States, so what can you give that will bring joy to human and furry companion alike? Here are some pet lover gift ideas that may help you.

Gifts for Cat Lovers - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Pet and animal lovers usually have a soft spot for home deco and practical items with a pet theme. Look for cards, pillows and tote bags or boxes with pictures of cats or dogs that will amuse or enhance their every day. Other handy gifts for pet owners include coasters, artwork or prints that are framed along with t-shirts or other apparel, blanket, sheets, and throws. Journals, calendars or protective book covers with dog or cat themes may also be greatly appreciated as well as practical and convenient.

Buy a notebook with protective sleeves and slip in a photo or collage of their pets; these personalized pet gifts can be used for their own cat or dog photo album, special pet medical records, a diary or any number of wonderful uses.

Pet clothes are popular and fun and can become superb Christmas gifts for dog and cat lovers. Blankets or bedding that can be specially embroidered with the cat's or dog's name are other appreciated pet gift ideas.

Pet videos that entertain and alleviate boredom for your housebound cats or dogs are a sure bet for a round of applause. Any items that can engage the interest, intelligence and energy of their resident feline or canine friends -- with safety in mind -- are sure winners for both pet owner and the recipient cats and dogs alike.

Pet Gift Baskets

Stoke up that inner creativity and put together a special gift basket for that favored cat, dog or other pet. Include specialty food items, such a tasty treats out of the ordinary fare, healthy and/or organic tidbits, along with some special gourmet cans of luscious gourmet type meals.

Add some special cat or dog toys, some safe, healthy chews or feeding dishes and accessories. For the pet's human companion, how about a gift card at their favorite pet supply store.

Another idea for pet gift baskets could include safe shampoos, cat or pet combs and brushes, a supply of ear treatments for those nasty ear mite afflictions or hairball remedies. Add a touch of sparkle and royalty with a bejeweled collar (make it a safe one -- it must have a mechanism to break away if the pet should catch it on something!)? A fancy leash and harness or one that retracts would please the dog-walker on your list. And for your human counterpart--tuck in a nifty lint/pet hair remover!

Another gift of great compassion would be providing payment for a chip implant to help locate the cat or dog should it become lost. Pet gift baskets can be created with a theme or mix and match, based on what you feel they need or desire most. Let your eyes and ears be your guide as to what to include in your pet gift baskets for the dog or cat lover.

Wrap it all up in a special basket, decorative tin or fancy gift bag, and you’ll be sure to please!

Personalized Pet Gifts

Personalized pet gifts are great top-of-the-list pet lover gift ideas. While there are an array of unique gifts for cat and dog lovers to be found, finding and sorting through them all in one's effort to choose the best gift ideas can be a task.

Presents that highlight their pets' special role in their lives, their uniqueness, their cute ways or clever antics are sure to please the human pet and animal lover! Special gifts for cat lovers and dog lovers could include entering their pet in a pet photo contest -- allowing them to bask in the glory of pet-wise fame. For that added special touch to your pet gifts, include a blue ribbon or gold paper crown along with a homemade Certificate of 'Best in Town', or 'Sweetest Face Award ' or similar. Highlight a unique trait of the pet for the title of your certificate, or use the title of the contest you are entering.

Schedule a special photo shoot, or buy a gift certificate to have Fido or Fluffy captured on film for years of admiration. Or, if you are talented, snap some photos of your recipient's pets and create a photo album, calendar, or specially framed photo or collage for that special pet gift. Several photo services are available that can transform your shots into those special items as well as create 'mug-shots' on cups and other items of decor or practical use for you to give with pride. Simply check out your local photo processors or look for those that abound on the internet. You could also design some original greeting cards with their pets’ photos -- or your own cats’ or dogs‘ pictures!

More Pet Gifts

For the cat, dog or human companion that has everything, make a donation to a local animal care facility or animal rescue charity in the name of their cat or dog. You will be helping other less fortunate pets with vital aid, while warming the heart of your pet gift recipients. Pop a card into your pet gift baskets announcing this donation, or give the donation alone as a your gift for the pet owner.

Help the pets’ companion by stocking them up with bags and/or cans of the pets' regular food. Your shopping assist will be deeply appreciated by the owner for the convenience. If the cat or dog is on a special prescription diet or special medications, a supply of these items would be well-received by your gift recipient.

For handicapped pets, special items that make the pets' lives easier and that of their homo sapiens companions, or a gift that will brighten their days, are other thoughtful, appreciated pet gift ideas. Provide a supply of cat or dog diapers if needed, special shampoos or wipes, nail clippers, pet beds or cat trees, dog igloos, or comfortable, fluffy bedding for their sleeping quarters. You can even find heated or cooling bedding for dogs and cats. Check out heated water dishes for dogs and cats that spend some time out of doors in colder months.

Look for toys that will bring joy to the disabled pets every-day; something they can bat at or chew on with pleasure. Just be sure they are safe and non-toxic! Be careful to avoid anything that could be swallowed that shouldn’t be, or that is constructed with items that could come apart and injure any pet, whether handicapped or not. Cat and dog videos, as mentioned above, can serve to chase tedium for the less active, ill or disabled pet and add joy to their days.

One of the gifts for cat lovers on your list that will almost always please -- catnip! Look for high-quality, organic catnip at your local pet shop, or locate some online. You could even sew special catnip pouches if you are so inclined, personalize them if you desire, and pop them into the pet gift baskets. This would make wonderful Christmas gifts for cats or suitable stocking stuffers!

Christmas gifts for dog lovers that could be tucked into stockings, include the stockings themselves, along with liver- or favorite food-scented bone chews or toys! Throw in some books on pet care, training, or specialty breed issues, if they should apply,


Gifts that Enhance Health and the Bottom Line

Consider a longer-term pet gift that will change lives for the better. Add to the above pet gift ideas, or as a separate theme, a pet insurance policy, which will help keep Fido and Fluffy healthy along with their companion's bottom line. You can browse the offerings online.

You might contact their regular vet and buy a specific amount of health care for the year for their pets. Establish a way with the vet to track the expenditures. Perhaps the vet would provide a certificate or gift card that could be punched, or you can make one to present your special thoughtfulness.

Clip coupons for pet food, supplies and accessories from the paper or magazines and add them to your gift item, tuck them into your pet gift baskets or other personalized pet gifts for the cat or dog lover. Your time and attention to this simple act will speak volumes about you and your interest and affection for both your human and pet recipients alike!


Homemade Health

Healthy, nutritious, additive- and chemical-free food is paramount to good health, long life and fewer visits to the vet, which also aids the bottom line. There are a few superb lines of cat and dog food available. Check online or locally in a specialty pet food shop. Often this food is a bit costlier, but more than worth the extra cost lifelong health benefits for the pet and quality of life. (note: read labels and avoid preservatives in pet food and by-products, which are often listed as such. These are red flags to good health.)

Did you know that you can also make your own healthy pet food? Whip up a batch or a few, pop in the freezer, and then wrap up at gift giving time. Follow recipes exactly to assure that all proper nutritional elements are balanced.

Healthy, safe, nutritious homemade food from your own kitchen is a blessing with the pet food recall disasters we have experienced. These meals can be served to supplement their pets' usual meal fare, or in place of the regular store-bought kind. Add in a Natural Food Pet Recipe book so that the pets' companion can prepare wholesome, safe meals in all year long!

Food that can be served with peace of mind and keep their pets healthy and living longer as beloved companions, is sure to win their hearts. What better gift than one such as this, right from your heart?

Another way to take mercy on the wallet and to enhance longevity, is to give your giftee a book or course that teaches how to care for one’s pets at home and how to know when a vet’s help must be sought. Knowing how and what to do when problems arise relieves stress and worry and enhances life immeasurably for both the pet and its human companion.

Hopefully, these gift ideas for pet lovers have eased your panic and sparked some creative juices in your heart for special gifts for the pet owners in your life, whether they be cat lovers, dog lovers --or any pet. Personalize your pet gifts with embroidery or stick-ons where appropriate.

Let your imagination be stoked along with your knowledge of the pets, and you will surely find just the right gifts for your “A-list” dog lovers and cat lovers -- and the pets alike! Your cat lovers will find it all just purr-fect and your dog lovers will find the gift -- well -- barking up the right tree!

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