Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Frantic

Pet Lover Gifts to Solve Your Gift-Giving Problems

You need a gift for that hard-to buy-for recipient on your gift list. You're beat, out of ideas and the clock is ticking toward that gift exchange deadline. What to do?!

If your gift recipient is a pet lover -- your stress may be over. Pet lovers appreciate special attention given their favorite furry family members. Pet gifts are a wonderful way to show that you put thought into your special gift. These pet lover gift ideas will help you find the perfect gifts for the cat, dog and pet lovers in your life!


You've got the Gift-for-those-who-have-everything-Blues. You're sweating the last minute count-down to gift exchange. You're tired, the feet ache...and you don't have a clue what to get that special, but hard-to-buy for gift recipient. Or maybe it's a co-worker.....or the boss.

If your giftee is a pet lover....your stress may soon be over! Pet lovers - be they cat, dog, bunny, fish, reptile or other-pet enthusiasts - always appreciate special attention given their non-human family residents.

If you google the net for ideas....special pet gifts abound... But time is short now, shipping is too late for an online purchase --and gift ideas at nill...So what to do?!...

Here's a list of special gift ideas that may spark that perfect gift idea..and send you to the perfect spot to find what you need!


Think about the shops around town that might carry T-shirts, aprons, robes, scarves, gloves or slippers with pet themes. Many malls and specialty shops can make up T-shirts and other items with cat, dog, or other pet motifs while you shop or wait. Sometimes even from a photo.

How about some cat socks or a hat with a dog or cat print? Or go to a local fabric shop, buy some appropriate pet-motif appliques and apply them yourself to a blank item. Or wrap them up with the gift article for the craft lover in your life. Look for zipper pulls with that special pet motif and attach it to a nice sweater or jacket for your giftee.

Home Deco:

Many pet lovers take to home deco items oriented to their favorite pet. Cat and dog lamps, along with turtles and other birds, can lend a special glow and ambience in a room. Night lites with pet design are also a special nuance and welcome household assist. Welcome mats, area rugs, afghans and throws are also practical items that offer personality to the household. Cat clocks with swinging pendulum tails, light switch plates and ceiling light pulls are also available with animal figures for the pet lovers in your life. You may even find some drawer pulls with that favorite pet at a local home improvement or department store. And for the bath, keep your eye out for some cute pet print shower curtains and towels - not to mention pet-shaped soap and pet emblazoned soap dishes!

For the collector, crystal cat or dog figurines...sometimes in various breeds can be found in specialty shops. Resin, ceramic and plaster figurines are also often in stock in some gift and outdoor shops. Pet art and posters also can be popular gifts.

Outdoor decor:

Think about a door plaque with cats or dogs on a welcome sign. Have one chiseled in wood in a specialty mall booth that are available during the holiday season. Add house numbers to signage with that favorite pet figure adorning it, and get some wide smiles from your gift recipient. A garden statue of that favorite pet will certainly delight the gardener as well!


Look for necklaces, pendants, bracelets and watches, earrings and ring holders. Jewelry boxes embellished with that favorite cat or dog can house that special jewelry item as well.. Or apply some of those appliques you bought at the fabric shop to a plain jewelry box.


For those kitchen-dwelling homo sapiens on your list, think about salt and pepper shakers, pet embellished dishes, cookie jars and glassware. Curtains, dish towels, rugs, pot holders, spoon rests and special style cake moulds are favored items. For the wine connoisseur, check out a department store houseware section for decanters or wine bottle stoppers with that favorite pet atop. Watch for specialty candles with the pet of choice stamped into the candle or carved in design. Candle holders can also be found with pet patterns that allow the candle glow to show through.

Other ideas:

For book lovers there are book markers, totes and book bags. Purses, cell phone covers, sunglasses, luggage and luggage tags, calendars, photo enlargements, photo frames and wind chimes are some other practical, whimsical and welcome gifts for pet lovers. Puzzles with a pet design can also often be found at holiday time.

For a multi-pet household, consider offering a gift certificate for health care with the gift recipient's vet, or make up a package with specialty treats (make them wholesome - read labels). Add a bag or two of their regular fare, premium canned foods and/or pet toys. Throw in a good cat flea comb, special dog or cat brushes and a shiny, rhinestone-studded collar.(Make sure it is a break-away kind for the safety of the pet!)

Give a gift that keeps on giving.Iinformation, education! Wrap up a book or reference material on pet health and care or a home study course that will both teach priceless skills and knowledge and serve as a valuable reference for years and years to come, helping to keep those cherished pets healthy and happy for years more of love and companionship.

Cat furniture, hide-a-ways, plush dog and cat beds, or cuddly, warm cat or dog blankets will have both human and pet recipient purring (or howling..) with delight! Try some special rocks or heat lamps for those prized reptiles or faux caves and plants for those aquarium enthusiasts, along with some healthy feed... all appreci- -ated gifts by any pet guardian.

Hopefully, these last minute gift ideas have helped to spark your own idea bank...and you'll know now just where to go to find those perfect last minute items for that special gift - that will make it look like you've shopped all season with a perfect plan!

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