Spirit - Our Little Paralyzed Sweetheart
SPIRIT - Our Little Paralyzed Sweetheart

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Your LUV shows our little Sweethearts - and those to come - that they matter in this world -

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Spirit was starving. An immensely frightened, defensive, little blonde kitty simply trying to find shelter and food to survive.

He lashed out, growled, lunged and seethed viciously ...and was frightening to behold. -- But he had good reason. --

Someone had purposely harmed him...and now he was paralyzed.

Our Fund is named after Spirit, this innocent victim whose only 'crime' was to try to survive in the hostile world into which he was cast. Spirit is our sweet little paralyzed representative of all before him and those yet to come, who need our help - who need our 'voices' to speak on their behalf - and who need a chance to live - and love again.

Spirit - Our Little Paralyzed Sweetheart


Rescue work and hospice care for so many lost lives is ongoing here at Oasis,
our No Kill Rescue - Forever Home Sanctuary/Hospice.

Need for medications, food, various supplies, equipment, medical care and related are endless and costly.


- Any size Donation will HELP SAVE MORE LIVES -

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